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The Benefits Of Private Driving Lessons

Learning how to drive can be an overwhelming and mentally draining process. For this reason, many parents opt to use private driving lessons. At Go Driving, Inc., we find that most new drivers do better with a more individualized approach. We are a Coral Springs driving school that offers private driving lessons to students and first-time drivers in the surrounding South Florida area. With our private driving lessons, your student driver will get one-on-one driving experience with the same instructor, each and every time. Our state certified instructor will design a personalized driving program that will develop your student driver into a safe, defensive driver.

Personalized Driving Lessons  

The person sitting in the passenger seat can have a major impact on the new driver they are teaching. It is crucial that new drivers feel comfortable and completely trust their driving instructor. With private driving lessons, your teenager is the only student driver in the car, allowing our instructor to get to know them and their unique needs and abilities. Our instructor will be able to custom-tailor a driving experience that will support their success in passing their driving test and becoming a safe driver.

Real Road Experience

With private driving lessons, first-time student drivers are placed in real life driving situations. They have to anticipate what other cars are going to do and make real-time decisions. Student drivers also have an opportunity to experience possible inclement weather conditions on the road. Having real road experience through private driving lessons have been known to help reduce car accidents, injuries, and death.


Between long workdays, school days and extra-curricular activities, many families have busy schedules. Private driving lessons with a private driving instructor can provide more flexible class times and days for working parents and busy teenagers. At Go Driving, Inc., we understand that people have busy lives and it may be hard to carve out free time. That is why we offer private driving lessons seven days a week to accommodate both your schedule and your teenager’s schedule. We will also pick up student drivers from their home or school.

Results Driven Private Driving Lessons

A personalized, one-on-one driving experience with a professional instructor means better results. Student drivers are able to go at their own pace and learn in an environment that is catered to their unique learning styles. Private driving lessons also eliminate the pressure of other people in the car like parents or fellow peers, allowing student drivers to focus on the road and concentrate on developing their driving skills.

A Trusted Coral Springs Driving School

After years of providing private driving lessons in the South Florida area, we at Go Driving, Inc. are firm believers that a private, state-certified driving instructor can accelerate the learning process and help student drivers boost their odds of passing their driving test. Go Driving, Inc. is a Coral Springs driving school that is dedicated to helping student and first-time drivers develop the necessary driving skills needed to help keep them safe and alert on the roads. We also offer extensive preparation for first-time driver and driver improvement courses.

If you want to ace your driving test then schedule a private driving lesson with Go Driving, Inc., by giving us a call today at 954-757-7622.