Driving Lessons

Go Driving, Inc., is the best driving school in Coral Springs, offering driving lessons to students and first-time drivers in the South Florida area. Our mission is to develop the knowledge base and driving skills needed to safely and legally operate a motor vehicle. We do this through our private, one-on-one, personalized, hands-on driving lessons that are formatted to educate and train new drivers in defensive driving techniques.

Driving Lessons Near Me

If you are searching on Google for “driving lessons near me”, look no further than Go Driving, Inc. Our state certified driving instructor will teach first-time/student drivers how to drive using state-approved training vehicles. We offer single lessons and money-saving packages for multiple driving lessons. Go Driving, Inc. provides driving lessons in Coral Springs and the surrounding areas which include:

First-Time/Student Driving School In Coral Springs

Go Driving, Inc.’s driving school in Coral Springs is one of the best in the South Florida area. We offer behind the wheel driver training with an emphasis on proper and timely decision making and risk management skills. Our driver training course highlights include:

It is important to note that all first-time/student drivers must obtain a restricted driver’s license learner’s permit prior to scheduling a driving lesson with Go Driving, Inc. Six hours or more of driving lessons may also qualify your new driver for an auto insurance discount.

Defensive Driving School

At Go Driving Inc., we are strong advocates of defensive driving and road safety. Defensive student drivers are able to avoid dangers on the road by using the driving skills they have learned with our private driving lessons. Through our defensive driving school, we teach student drivers how to plan ahead for the unexpected. Our defensive driving techniques are designed to teach teens and first-time drivers how to drive safely while anticipating what other cars and driver may do. Once a potential hazard has been identified, we give student drivers the tools needed in order to decide the best course of action and to act immediately. We make sure that if a mistake is made on the road from another driver that our trained drivers are ready to defend themselves and avoid an accident.

Driving School In Coral Springs

Go Driving, Inc. is a driving school in Coral Springs that is dedicated to helping both first-time drivers develop safe and defensive driving skills. Our Coral Springs driving school thoroughly prepares new drivers for many years of safe and enjoyable driving. We work with student drivers to provide extensive preparation for their online permit test and Florida DMV 4-Hour First Time Driver Course. Along with our driving lessons, we also provide an array of driver improvement courses including:


To schedule a driving lesson with Go Driving, Inc., give us a call today at 954-757-7622.

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